Teach Yoga Naturally

Fascinated by Vanda Scaravelli’s approach to yoga?

We provide a teacher training like no other which will help you develop a more playful and exploratory perspective.  We honour the roots of yoga linking our practice and teaching to our connection to nature; the emphasis is on yoga as a ‘life practice’.

Want to learn some Qigong too?

We introduce Qigong to your practice and offer a basic Qigong instructor course as part of your training. supporting your exploration of the principles of ‘effortless effort’, relaxation and mindful movement which thread through Scaravelli inspired Yoga, Shiatsu basics and Qigong essentials. We offer decades of expertise in teacher training and professional development to help you towards your goal of teaching yoga with  a teacher training course that inspires creativity, independence and confidence.

Curious to learn more about the meridians?

We connect the curriculum to the seasons, the meridian system and the natural world. Exploring the energy body and the relevance of the yoga texts to everyday life. 

Want to delve into the footprints of Yoga and find the heart in the teachings?

This course  is based on the development of self-knowledge and enquiry. It will provide you with the tools  to reach your full potential as a teacher, to support students  and guide their own self- enquiry.  Our expertise is in teacher training. Learn to teach with confidence, skill and wisdom.

We are a British Wheel of Yoga Accredited School, part of The Shiatsu College, with  300 and 500 hour teacher training courses, retreats, classes and workshops in Hastings and Norwich.

‘The course is run in a way that is non pressurised so that you can work at your own pace, and I love the way the classes are set up so that you get ideas and inspiration for teaching from everyone, not just the teachers’   Julie